Ways to run effective meeting with Zoho in 2022


Ways to run effective meeting with Zoho in 2022

20 Apr, 2023

We are living in a revolutionary world. Everything is changing fast and in a better way. Previously, people used to go to face-to-face meetings. Then now the wave has changed in favor of Zoho. Zoho Meet has been integrated with Zoho CRM to conduct meetings online via Zoho Meet. The leads are invited personally to the meeting through automated emails.


Ways to make your meeting more effective with Zoho


1. Maintain time limits.


As a wise person in charge of a meeting, maintaining time limits is key. Turn-taking should be smooth and swift. Making the audience concentrate and recognize you should be your motive. Zoho Meeting has been designed with an automated time-limiting feature. such that when one is given time to talk in a meeting, they will be guided automatically. If the time limit was 10 minutes, when it reaches that time, your mic will be off. There is no bigger task for a meeting organizer since Zoho Meeting has them covered.


2. Do not multitask.


If there is something that takes off the meeting, then it is multi-tasking. Concentration will not be at its maximum. The members in the meeting will feel a sense of boredom. It is the same with uploading a file with data, then all of a sudden it disconnects. Everything will be left at a standstill. Psychologists have found through research that people who multitask cannot do their work efficiently. But we can give thanks to Zoho since it has come up with new features. This supports multi-tasking when necessary. So ensure that you use that feature efficiently to make the meeting effective.


3. Set expectations and rules.


Because meeting etiquette differs depending on where you are in the world, it is critical to be clear about how you anticipate your participants behaving in your gathering. Ascertain that they understand which sections of the meeting will be for debate and which will be for presentation. This is especially useful when meeting through video or phone call because it avoids awkward discussion starts and stops. If your meeting has more than five participants, it's a good idea to automatically mute everyone who isn't speaking. However, let them know you will do that in advance. If they have a question or comment, many applications will help users unmute and talk.


4. Lead the meeting with a plan.


Zoho meeting integration with Zoho Creator hampered the introduction of new planning applications. The applications are in such a way that they set the whole process of the meeting in an organized manner. Inform the participants about the meeting earlier. This will give them space to plan what they will say at the meeting. Make sure to collaborate with the Zoho authorized implementation partners. They will provide you with Zoho that has a good plan and procedure for the meeting. They will be even told in their emails of the process of registering for those Zoho meetings.


5. Minimize distractions.


In such a virtual conference, where being on camera becomes a requirement, it's important to keep distractions to a minimum among participants. Zoho has released a set of backdrop filters that may be used to block out distractions throughout meetings. Background noise is a widespread issue in video conferences. Motivate staff to warn anyone they live with when they'll get to a meeting, in addition to just instructing them to silence their phones. This will help ensure a distraction-free atmosphere. Robust internet connectivity will also make it easier for you and the other meeting participants to stay focused and on target. Encourage all participants to bring a piece of paper and ink to the meeting occasionally. Ensure that they avoid using any additional electronic devices.


6. The meeting should be brief and clear.


According to the University of Minnesota's 2021 study, Mankato short meetings are productive. This is mainly because the concentration is high. It has been discovered that when people listen for long hours, there is a high chance of boredom. Zoho comes with a timer that will help you manage your meeting. You will be able to set a timer and then follow it to help you complete your meeting successfully. Therefore, the best thing you have to do is to implement Zoho. Working with the certified and authorized Zoho implementation partners in Coram, United States of America.


7. Give your coworkers equal time.


Zoho meeting has a new feature that enables turn-taking for the participants. People who do not listen when others speak are already a widespread occurrence. Concentration can be even more difficult in a hybrid workplace where meetings are frequently held via virtual meeting technology. We wait for our opportunity to unmute as well as talk regarding work-related matters, and when others begin presenting their work, we find ourselves inattentive. Consider a situation in which you must conduct only one chat with someone. What if they do not even actually listen to you when you are talking? Even if you are on a video call, make sure you are maintaining proper eye contact.


8. Check the previous agenda.


Make sure to check on the briefing from the previous meeting. This will help you to know where and what to discuss in the current meeting. This should not worry you anymore. You will need to implement Zoho with the authorized partner. Then you integrate the Zoho meeting with Zoho One for reports of the previous meeting. The meeting will continue as the participants refer to their dashboard for the previous agenda. This will make the meeting run efficiently.


Summary and Conclusions


Zoho is an important piece of software for our business. They can even go to the extent of helping us manage meetings efficiently. We have learned that they are even free to use in many instances. Small businesses can now be helped. It is the authority of the business to link with the best Zoho implementation partners. They will then be provided with quality Zoho services. Their growth will be robust since they will have a better way of handling the workflow. This is the point at which we go beyond our words and actually put the Zoho services into action.