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Terms of use Agreement

The terms and use Agreement in collaboration with Absoft privacy policy contains the binding agreement between the user and Absoft in using Absoft software services. This is concerning the user access to our website which contains the following services: Zoho implementation services, content, Mobile apps, software development services, web page, cloud page, Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The pages are updated over time in our website as expressed in this Agreement and Terms site.

Our workability and presentation are only in this site controlled and managed in regular basis by Absoft (https:/ Other than the company services and acceptance, any act that is against the jurisdiction of the law is not represented by Absoft. The misuse and illegal connections of our website, the user is liable for his or her own acts and is in the hands of the local laws. our services are under the jurisdiction and any person who uses them for the reasons not corresponding to the law will be personally reliable for the act. This provides that the usage of our website that comes with commercial or personal gains is against Absoft Terms and Agreements binding.

The users are minors by jurisdiction and law to which they reside. Only the persons over the age of 18 years are allowed to access Absoft website and register with their identity cards which are safeguarded under the user’s privacy policy terms.

You accept to be bonded by the agreement by acknowledging such acceptance during the registration process, also by continuos use of the sites. If you do not agree to accept this agreement, or to improvements that Absoft IT Solutions might make to this agreement in the future, do not use or access or continue to use or access the company services or the sites.

Legal applications

By using Absoft IT Solutions services, you agree that you have the legal capacity to accept and follow the Terms and Conditions and since you are above 18 years of age you are liable and you can be sued in case of any misuse or wrong use of the website under our services and you will be liable under the legal courts and institutions. You will not therefore apply our services illegal or for unauthorized purpose and it should not break any law when you use it.

Purchase: Payment

Our mode of payment is that when you are viewing and window shopping on our website, it is free for you. Then our payment services involve the purchase that requires our team’s support. The paid services include installing for your business the Apps, the website development, the digital marketing, the zoho implementation. The payments are made through our financial accounts that are agreed upon when signing the contract between you and our company to take over the tasks. You pay the services and bill using the purchase accounts that you agree upon while starting to use Absoft services. Absoft have legal rights to change the price of the products and services according to the changing rates. Due to the jurisdiction rights for a person to be taxed, we include the taxable rate to the price of the products and services of Absoft.

Refund and Return

All sales are final and there shall be no refunds issued afterwards.This is according to the Absoft rules and regulations set on registration.

Refund conditions

Refund policy subjects that you might receive a whole refund within the first 4 days of the workings. This is in correlation to the day you purchased the service or good from Absoft. This is in a compulsory note that it does not deffer from refund policy as stated in the Terms and conditions of Absoft. If the notice you have put across for refund is past the 4 working days then we will not be able to refund the amount and we will term it, null and void. This is because it canot be changed as agreed upon by the support teams. The refund only comes according to the individual purchase that you apply. So when you purchase, it independently stand on itself per purchase for the refund policy terms.

Refund procedure

Your request for refund must come through our mail (https:/ This is the only mode of refund request under which another way will not and is not accepted by the support team in Absoft. This is because the decision on refund is made within the first 4 working days.The refund will reflect in your account after 9 working days, Subject to change as per the company adjustments. It will reflect in your card that you provided during the purchase.

User Representations

By signing and agreeing to Absoft Terms and Conditions you guarantee that:

  • All the names and identification you provided are true and valid.
  • You agree to respect the Terms of Absoft.
  • You will be personally liable for any misuse of Absoft website by you.
  • You agree on payment terms of Absoft.
  • You will keep the password confidential and be liable of its use.
  • You will maintain transparency and credibility to Absoft.
On content you provide

You hereby accept that you will be required to offer content, blogs, reviews and suggestions. Therefore, you accept to be liable for the following:

  • The content you provide doesn’t at any point discriminate or hurt the other users of the website through sending of unethical sexual content.
  • That you are the creator of the content that you have presented and allowing Absoft to use the content will not bring legal actions due to the copyrights and trademarks.
  • That the content you provide is transparent, ethical, reliable and true for the purpose.
  • Contribution does not include any offensive comments that are connected to race.
Contribution license

By accepting to contribute to the license. That is by linking your social platform to our websites, you give us the authority to make use of the content such as the posts, images, graphics, voice, sound and names in our updates. These also include the trademarks and rights of preservation to get authorized entry into your accounts without any infringement of your personal authority. It is that you are accepting the use of your services in our advertisement, shows, presentations, and in launches. Under the legal agreements that we agree upon between you and Absoft. We cannot by any means limit the usage of your services since you are taking the full rights of ownership of your account. We therefore make an agreement that this be for the benefit of both you and our company towards protecting the legal procedures of ownership rights and the use of a person's trademarks and services. We can access your accounts to ensure credibility in usage of the above-mentioned services.

Through uploading your Contributions to the Websites, you authorize Absoft to grant to each end user a personal, limited, Succession, non-exclusive, Loyalty, fully-paid license to access, download, print and otherwise use your Contributions for their internal purposes and not for distribution, transfer, sale or commercial Misappropriation of any type.

Mobile application license

We grant you access to install any App that belongs to Absoft IT Solutions and grant you the rights to use it for the right purpose. We are therefore, liable for any good act within the limits of the App. We access the app for reviews, experience, maintenance and time to time updating of the app. We have no access to infringe the third party that is according to the system of the phone for Android, Apple users and Microsoft users we cannot be part of their authorization set by them. So that is between them and the user according to the accessibility composed by the third-party company. We have no right at any point to act on behave of them or beyond the rights of using our App. You agree that the services related to us is what we are responsible for. Any issue arising apart from our app for example between you and Android company, you will access their assistance through the phone systems that are provided by android. If the phone is Apple, then you will contact the Apples' customer service through their system contact provided for in the phone system. We are liable to only access your app that preservedly for Absoft alone. Through your agreement on this site, the third-party beneficiary will arise. We assume that by you using their sites and Apps and accepting our services the benefits will be incurred by them. Thus, we have the right to access their sites through you who have taken agreement with us. And we will not be liable for any infringement of the authorization of their sites.


You submit and acknowledge that any ideas, reviews, comments, sites and services you submit to Absoft are credible, accountable, transparent and confidential. You agree to grant Absoft access to the data you are using to ascertain good maintenance and that you accept them to take any course that might arise when using the content of your submissions for their confidential purpose that requires your approval.

Property intellectual of Absoft

You are required to understand that the materials, staffs, content, services, products, websites, customer support team you are using is the legal property of Absoft. Also, the copyrights, links and trademarks and other intellectual properties are the assets that belong to the company. You are required not to produce the products and services that resembles that of our company or transmit under our name. Therefore, you should first contact Absoft for approval and consultants.


The users are prohibited from the following activities by Absoft

  • Trespassing Absoft dons and unauthorized sites
  • Uploading bad and unethical content to the company website.
  • Deleting the trademarks and preservations of Absoft.
  • Using Absoft services for individual commercial purposes.
  • Infringing the rights of other users.
  • Misleading, tricking or lying to the company during registration.
  • Any act of hacking or using site for dark purposes.
  • Putting your profile on sale.
  • Using Absoft trademarks to gain fame.
  • Using Absoft services as a sign of approving your products.
Site management

Absoft reserves the right but does not have the obligation to:

  • Delete any content that seems upright and miscellaneous to Absoft.
  • Revoke a content that is larger than the required content.
  • Install new features to improve accessibility of the site.
  • To add new content to the site for the purpose of maintenance.
  • Suspend account of the users who go against the terms of Absoft.
  • To monitor the site in case of any misuse.

You are required to use the website services for the right purpose and reasonable purpose. The site is not allowed to be used for commercial gains excepted the ones that are accepted by the company. Other than what the company is liable for and accepts you are prohibited to use the name and services of Absoft since we will not be Concerned with the damage caused by the user.

Terms and Termination

We have the right to suspend your account or restrict you from using it. This arises when you wrongly use the account against the Terms and conditions of the company. It may also arise due to the breach of the terms as by Absoft. All the provisos of Absoft IT Solutions must therefore be followed up to date to limit the illegalities and breach of the Agreement. In order to protect the interest and privacy of the company, we have the right to block the website Ip address. You should understand that we have the right to terminate the agreement with or without a notice in order to safeguard the usage of the site. We can also upsend the Account of the user when we screen a sign of illegal act that will lead to the breaking of the laws under the information Act. You are prohibited by the Absoft from forming new account whenever you are terminated or blocked from using the website of the Absoft.


The company has the right to modify the sites by updating the continues modification of the site. This will be found on the company website to ensure all the users gets the information. The services also will be time to time be modified to bring accessible, information and services to the users. That is why we ask for contact information in your accounts during your registration with us as this will provide us opportunity to be sending you information’s on modifications.


While updating the site, there might be some errors. It might be also though typing errors. We have the rights to do corrections on the site to ensure maximum efficiency in the site. You are allowed to report any case that needs the corrections from the company and its own affiliates such as the technical staff. The company has to ensure they correct any case of commissions, errors or misunderstanding with or without reported notice.


Anyone person above the age of 18 years, have the capability to make and disclaim their own decisions. We therefore grant you the role to ensure any mislead of the use of the company site is upon you. Any Act that aligns with the jurisdiction and law stands within you and your decisions. Any material that is illegal coming across our website under the ownership of the third-party owner, we are free and cannot take part in any of the responsibility that comes with it. It shall be upon you the user and the third-party company or otherwise. You agree that you are the sole Risk taker and the company will not take part in compensation of the damage that might come along with it. The merchantability warrants that is the implied and exclaimed warrants will be between the third party and the user. In which the Absoft cannot take part.