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Business intelligence and data analytics are the basis of strategic business decisions that make or break your business. However, multiple data sources, countless data points and incredibly large volumes can make things quite complicated to understand. Thanks to Zoho analytics consulting, this is no longer a problem. With easy-to-understand yet powerful dashboards, you can view and understand your business data effortlessly.


What is Zoho analytics

Zoho Analytics is a robust data analysis software that makes data interpretation feel like a cakewalk. It lets you combine several data sources into a stream of information that gets updated regularly. While there are many data analysis tools available these days, nothing compares to the user-friendliness, features, and interactive capabilities of Zoho Analytics. Zoho Analytics consultants help you set up, tailor, and maintain data collection and reporting through the platform to let you get the most out of it.

What Does Zoho Analytics Offer?

Connecting Data Sources

Connecting Data Sources

Got a few different data sources? No problem for the all-powerful business intelligence platform. No matter where you collect your data from, Zoho Analytics can process it into attractive dashboards that simplify things. Get fast, reliable and updated information every time with Zoho’s robust data processing technology.

Visual Analysis

Visual Analysis

Every business has a website, yet only a few attract quality traffic online. Most of the factors affecting the website negatively are its speed, health, efficiency and rankings. Visual analysis lets you optimize your website to its peak, leading to faster website speeds, better rankings, and more traffic.

Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics

While amateur usage of this tool would lead you nowhere, our Zoho analytics services would help you reach the depths of your business data. Find and fix bottlenecks that prohibit business growth; get ahead of the competition and make better projections for the future with in-depth analytics.

Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing and Collaboration

Zoho analytics combines the latest file-sharing capabilities with information processing systems to give you a holistic experience. Create, save and share everything from dashboards to reports right from the tool. You can also work with other team members on files within the platform.

White Labeling/Embedded BI

White Labeling/Embedded BI

Login processes can be hectic and irritating for users. With the embedded business intelligence systems of Zoho Analytics, users can access the system without even logging in to it. Customized analytics with white labelling allows users to get the best of both worlds.

Scalable BI Platform

Scalable BI Platform

However large your data streams, the platform can handle it all without issues. As your business scales and diversifies, the platform evolves to deliver unmatched capabilities. With a high-performance back-end engine and regular updates, the program keeps adding more features.

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Absoft has a process and a culture of working. We work according to the timeliness and professionalism of the company. We have zoho desk implementation consultant who are involved in providing quality and presentable zoho desk implementation services to customers. We work with customized services so that we can give the best that comes with it to our clients. Absoft as a zoho desk implementation partner in India, also works by strictly valuing the need to satisfy the needs of our clients by listening to what they need.

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The customer communicates with us via our email address. On their preferred platform, we scheduled a meeting with them. To ensure efficiency, we attended to their project demands and allowed them to communicate their project's goals.

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We then hire our developer by incorporating the use of the specified platform. We employ our experts to ensure that tasks are completed

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We then delegate the project to our team of professionals. We ensure that the project meets our clients' requirements. We even go above and beyond what they expected, taking into consideration the project's quality and image.

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The client is then contacted by sending the finished work and allowed to express their thoughts about the results. Should there be any corrections, then we ensure that they are completed as early as possible and that the project is delivered on time.

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Zoho Analytics provides you with the following benefits: historical data for making decisions related to the business, managing the inventory cost in one tool, regulating customer orders, increasing customer management, analyzing data, and helping you transform and prepare data. This will provide you with an effective analysis of data and reporting.
For further security, Zoho Analytics encodes all personal details in our databases. We've worked on encrypting data on a lot of different levels. Whatever personal details are submitted to verify third-party activities will be directly determined and kept in our databases in an encrypted way.
Zoho Analytics is billed at different pricing levels. These are basic, standard, premium, and enterprise. Every enterprise is billed at K35,600 per person per month. Premium is K8960 per month per person, billed annually. Basic costs K1760 per user per month billed annually, and Standard costs K3600 per user per month billed annually.
It is a platform for self-service reporting as well as for analytics. Within minutes, you can access, organize, and evaluate your data, generate spectacular graphical representations, and uncover new information. Zoho Analytics allows users to look for patterns using natural language and provide detailed insights based on corporate data.