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When you are planning on automating your business but are clueless, Zoho One can be your saviour, We assist you with tools that help manage customers, handle internal teams, communicate and get a fair picture of how your business is proceeding all with a single login credential. You no longer need to rely on manual tasks where everything is automated to suit your business.

Zoho One– Your One-Stop Destination To Boost Your Business

While Zoho has an application for each of your business needs, how about having all of them under a single umbrella and a single sign-up? Doesn't that sound exciting? Zoho One has been curated to help people get access to all their applications at once without having to toggle between usernames and passwords. From customer care apps to operations and employee support, customers can create customized apps to run their businesses smoothly. In addition, with tie-ups with multiple third-party software companies, you get the freedom to be flexible and not just be bound within Zoho.

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How to get the best out of ZOHO One

You can purchase the Zoho One suite using a single and easy contract. Our suite includes all our products under a single umbrella and has a service agreement. So you can purchase the same from Zoho One partners and you get a business running smoothly.

Setting up new software is a hassle, right? Unfortunately, every software owner does installation their way, so the customer needs to set up login information and accounts and customize the settings for each employee.

Zoho One is a unified platform that simplifies all account management by giving you one administrative console. In addition, it's easy to create policies on Zoho One—as they can be set at the service, organizational, department, or individual level.

Absoft - The Trusted Zoho One Consultant In India

While Zoho has made lives smooth for multiple businesses worldwide, we at Absoft believe in helping yours be smooth and successful. As one of India's leading Zoho One consultant, we have come a long way in serving businesses and their needs. With multiple years of experience and serving several industries to date, we believe we will achieve greater heights in the days to come. While we have overcome hurdles in acquiring significant revenues, customers trust us and allow us to help them with Zoho One implementation. We have a dedicated team for every need, and when you brief us on what you need, we contribute to making your dreams come true.


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While we are the authorized Zoho One partners, we have a dedicated team that allows our customers to understand concepts, plan things, and come up with a perfect solution for their business. While we are the masterminds, and it is your business where you have a vision, we make those dreams come true while creating software and applications that suit your business perfectly. Absoft being a trusted Zoho One consultant has an ever-growing team, with each of them having multiple years of experience. So when you have us on board to assist you with Zoho packages and services, you receive nothing but the best from us.

Zoho Products we Implement
Zoho Products
ZOHO data analysis software
Zoho Analytics

It is a data analysis software that helps simplify your business's data interpretation. You get the freedom to streamline multiple data sources, and it gets updated automatically and regularly. Being user-friendly with attractive features, Zoho Analytics makes data collection and creating reports easy like never before. Moreover, you can share the same with your team members with equal ease, all from a single platform.

ZOHO creator creates uniques app and digital solutions
Zoho Creator

If you have no idea of app creation, but are in need of a customized business app, Zoho Creator helps you with an easy and hassle-free experience. They allow you with everything you need to create an app perfect for your business requirements. Right from designing to scripting, everything is done perfectly.

ZOHO books store all your data digitaly
Zoho Books

You no longer have to worry about maintaining your accounts in the traditional paper register; all of it can be taken care of digitally. We believe in converting your business into an error-free one. Your stress of handling multiple books and paper calculations here and there is all taken care of by Zoho Books.

ZOHO sort your needs and queries with just a single application
Zoho Desk

If you believe that your business exists because of your customers, Zoho desk will help you through. Right from customer acquisition, relationship management, customer retention and attending to their needs and queries from time to time, you are sorted with just a single application. You no longer have to wait for manual follow-ups, as everything is taken care of automatically.

ZOHO helps you with everything under one roof
Zoho One

We help you with everything under one roof. Right from applications and tools to coordinating amongst team members, yo can do it all with Zoho One.

Online customer relationship managment tool
Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a boon for businesses with sales and marketing teams. While it is an online customer relationship management tool, it has multiple customizable features that allow the teams to automate daily reports. It helps in boosting customer satisfaction and improve conversion rates. You get to automate the team's workflow and allow multiple communication channels to open up with your customers.

How Do We Work with the Zoho One Services?

Our work process is simple, and nothing that will make you run from one desk to the other. When you require help with Zoho One implementation, all you need to do is approach us. Share your project requirements, and hire the developer as per your need; the developer asks for inputs from your end and completes it. The final result is handed over to you once the testing is complete. We are ready to assist if you have any queries during the process.


You share your requirements with our team


You hire the developer who will be working for you


You receive a completed project within the deadline


You have the final product after QA and Testing


Due to its advanced features, Zoho One is the first thing business owners pick. It includes 40+ integrated business apps, an advanced licensing model, centralized administrative control, and a single invoice for your entire organization.

In addition, it has unique enterprise-level features that are hard to get anywhere else. Mobile, Native Apps & some extra benefits are great for users to scale their businesses. Depending on your chosen plan, Zoho One has a lot to offer you.

Users can pick the Flexible-User or All-Employee pricing plan and enjoy its benefits, whichever suits their budget line. This application can help you with CRM software, digital marketing, inventory management, email marketing automation, dashboarding and analytics, and more!

While the rest of the ZOHO offering are made to serve a single purpose, ZOHO One is an all-integrated package that helps you run your business smoothly. Mobile applications, web platforms and management systems - you have all of it under one umbrella.

This suite gives a whole bunch of Zoho apps in your hands. Along with access to different apps, Zoho One offers an account and a support number. If any user wants to avoid buying Zoho One, the options like A La Carte and Bundles serve well for them. In short, Zoho one is an all-in-one toolkit that covers A to Z of Zoho applications. You can access every feature, be it CRM plus or another app.

Zoho One offers enterprise-level editions in each of its applications. Zoho CRM forms, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Forms, PageSense, and Marketing Automation, are some of their contents. The apps work well on different platforms like mobile, web, and tablet to suit individual needs.

Although all Zoho apps are of enterprise-level editions, they may or may not be visible as 'enterprise level.' For instance, Forms offer all editions from basic to premium, whereas Contact Manager has bright and ultra editions.

No, the Zoho One doesn't include extensions from the Zoho marketplace. However, you can browse the Zoho marketplace and select extensions of your choice. Currently, the platform has more than 1000 extensions ready to launch and use. Zoho One does a fantastic job of streamlining business and sales. So it can be expected to launch extensions from the Zoho marketplace.

Zoho One covers the majority of apps and features from Zoho applications. Hence if you're a Zoho subscriber, you can easily catch everything. Moreover, since it includes all the current features of Zoho and updates itself, you can be assured that Zoho One will consist of all future versions and features of Zoho.

Zoho plans on expanding its professional endeavors. With the increasing customer demand, new applications might be developed by Zoho to increase client engagement. However, it is difficult to say whether these newly developed applications will be added to Zoho One.

But if the applications are accurate to the software, they will be accessible the same way other applications are. The process will remain the same even after the addition. Visit the Applications section of the Admin Panel, where you will find the new applications that have been added to Zoho One.

Zoho One is in the thinking stages of what applications to provide next. Client-oriented approach Zoho One is willing to add more such applications to existing ones to make your business more efficient. Over the last 10 years, Zoho One has launched more than 40 apps. With the pace at which they are developing applications, there are chances of more such apps coming in the future.

However, we suggest you give Zoho One an option based on the applications they have already developed instead of waiting for the new ones. This is because the already existing applications are designed keeping in mind all the possible needs of their clients.

One can use any third-party application with Zoho One. The main component of Zoho One is integration, and for the client to use other applications is one of their priorities. In the business world, demands and needs keep fluctuating, and to keep up with such an unsteady atmosphere,

Zoho One enables you to use any other application that you think is best suited to your needs. Connected with your favorite apps, Zoho One offers you the creative space to explore all the possible options without being restricted to one.

Currently, at this point, Zoho One, unfortunately, does not offer the central management of third-party apps. Only Zoho One applications can be controlled and managed through the Admin Portal.

Currently, Zoho One does not provide implementation services. However, you need not worry because they do have knowledgeable partners like Absoft across the globe who have a fair idea about your demands in this area.

We work independently with Zoho customers to provide the best solutions to their problems. You can get a detailed list of their partners that you can choose from on this website https://www.zoho.com/partners/ .

The storage of the data depends on your location. Based on that, it can be stored in Zoho-owned services in the United States, Europe, or Asia. The information or data that you put up is immediately stored in your IP address or based on the country that you have chosen while working.

Zoho is very serious about data security, and you can rest assured that there will be no breach during or after the working process. Under no circumstances the client's data will be sold because ownership rights are respected religiously by employees here at Zoho.

If you are interested further in Zoho's privacy policy, you can check out https://www.zoho.com/privacy.html for much such related information. Here at Zoho, transparency in working conditions is the top priority, and the storage of data is the most secure process it has to offer. Operating Zoho One applications are accessible because of the trust-worthy environment created in Zoho.

Yes, almost everything you have set up, including users, customizations, configurations, and integrations, will carry over to Zoho One. Upgrading to Zoho One is extremely simple. You are just one click away from shifting your professional endeavors.

You can rest assured that all the essential data you have created will change to the new platform once you begin using it. Zoho One is exceptionally cautious about the security of the client's data, and they have proved such time and time again with their actions.

They have a no-breach, foolproof data retention process that guarantees absolute secrecy of whatever data you write and compile. Besides, integration is one of the main features of Zoho One.

Therefore, it should not be difficult for Zoho One to integrate all the previous activities that you have already established.

Yes, importing data from other systems into Zoho One is possible. The first step of migrating to Zoho One is importing all of the data you have compiled. You must keep a backup of your information every time you work on it because that will make the import easy while working with Zoho One.

There are a few things to be kept in mind while importing data from other systems into Zoho One to make the process easier and faster. The first thing that you must be careful about is that you should have permission and access to essential data.

With this privilege, Zoho One cannot integrate the data you provide. Zoho One supports file formats of excel, CVS, and VCF. Therefore make sure you place your information appropriately. You also need to keep the file size in mind to complete the work easier for Zoho One. VCF files can be extended to 5 MB, and CVS files up to 25 MB. If you follow these instructions carefully, the working process will also become more accessible and more smoothly.

Yes, you will find almost all the features of Zoho One in CRM Plus. Shifting from CRM to Zoho One is extremely easy because you will find all the parts are more or less the same. This will enable you to work without needing to learn new things.

Operations remain the same, and clients can quickly shift their data in a simple and not very complex way. With over 40 applications to discover, Zoho One is sure to provide all the services you have experienced in the Zoho CRM Plus.

Zoho One is known to be the leading integrating company. It can do all the integrations for most of the parts, but there might be a few instances where the integration might need to be fixed.

There are several pre-integrated applications and more in the development process. You can work by not manually integrating data for most of the part. Integrating data can be a hassle, but you need not worry about such complications here at Zoho One.

All the applications are intensely integrated with the Admin Panel of Zoho One. However, some businesses do not prefer integrations to be turned on by default. In such cases, you might have to enable a few.

Besides, the integration process is straightforward and does not require expert skills. There are more processes under development by Zoho One, which will make the integration process easy and smooth for the client.

Zoho One is always ready to help the client in any way, and building custom applications are a part of their daily working process, so it will be no difficult task for them to build you one.

The application called Zoho Creator is an application development space where you can give shape to your ideas regarding specific apps that will help your business thrive. Over the last decade, more than 1.5 million customs applications have been built. Efficient and easy-to-code Zoho Creation offers you all the help needed while customizing an app.

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Zoho One Implementation - A modern solution to managing your business digitally

Have you ever dreamt of having a single solution to all your business requirements? We are here with Zoho One, which helps you streamline all your business aspects under a single roof. There is one login credential provided, and you can manage multiple business aspects, from recruitment to customer relations, accounting, report generation, and much more. All these are essentials of every business, and we assist with customized solutions and Zoho training according to your business requirements. Moreover, you can rest assured that all your business information is safe and secure. With each passing day, we strive to make life easy with Zoho One services and help you concentrate on making better profits.

Modern solution to managing business digitaly

Why Choose Absoft as your Zoho One Provider?

We are the leading Zoho One consultant in India, and a dedicated team of Zoho Experts will help with your projects. Whether you opt for Zoho CRM integration or any other application or even assistance with other services such as website development, we assist you with all of it. We arrange for an initial meeting where you share your requirements, and we come up with the final product.

We have been in business for quite some time helping out with Zoho One services, each of our developers having multiple years of experience in helping clients get an excellent start to their interactions with our applications. Each project we have completed results from numerous hours of hard work, dedication and thorough research. We have happy clients who love to come back to us or refer people because we have helped them reach greater heights.

You, too, won't be disappointed when we assist you with our work.

ZOHO understands the requirements and provide you results as per expectation

What sets us apart from other Zoho One Partners?

While Zoho chooses their partners tactfully while being at par with their standards, we at Absoft have manifested to be different. We are a dedicated team that deals with prospective clients assisting with Zoho One services, understands the requirements, assigns developers, and there you have the outcome the way you wanted it to be. We work with all the dedication and meet the standards Zoho has set and expects from us as partners, but we treat our clients like family and take care of each of their requirements and believe in their dreams.

Your dreams can now come true with Zoho One

If you believe in owning a business with each of its aspects streamlined well, Zoho One implementation is just what you need for your business. We help on creating marvels and customise things for you. So whether you plan on streamlining the human resource team or the accounts, we have a solution for all of it. Get in touch with us, and you will have it all served perfectly.

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